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The videos document the Niles Home for Children gardening experience. Most of the videos are taken at Niles Garden, some were taken at the Tracy Garden site of Heartland All Species Project, a partner in this project.

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Video Introduction to our No Till Video Calendar

• Why Organic? - Why choose organic gardening methods?

• Why No Till? - How does no till gardening slow global warming?

• Why Biochar? - How does biochar in garden beds slow global warming?

• Why Mycorizzal Fungi? – How does applying mycorizzal fungi to plant roots slow global warming?

From the Ground Up – See Part 1, Joel Gruver Workshop 2007

Foundation Farm No Till System – See Part 2, Patrice Gros, No-Till Organic Gardening Workshop, October 27, 2007


• Grow Light Stand & Sweet Potato Starts - Design and build a grow light; starting sweet potato slips.

• Planting Blueberries - Planting a blueberry bush in a Kansas City garden.

• Planting Carrots in a Raised Bed - Planting carrots under kraft paper mulch in raised no-till bed. Planting Carrots 2012.

• Planting “Cole” Crops - How we plant broccoli, collards, cauliflower, kale and cabbage in our 4 foot raised no-till beds. FYI – “Cole” (L. caulis, meaning stem or cabbage) are members of Brassica, a genus of plants in the mustard family, and include rutabaga, turnips, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli.

Planting peppers and eggplant in flats indoors around February 22.

Plant Peppers Indoors in Fungi & Biochar Feb 2012.

• Planting Potatoes - Planting potatoes without tilling or disturbing the soil much. We used mycorrhizal fungi and alfalfa fertilizer in a bed that grew collards last year. 2012 Potato Planting.

• Planting Onion Sets - Planting, mulching, fertilizing, inoculating onion sets at Niles Garden in Kansas City 3/31/10

• Planting Onion Plants - Shows planting and mulching onion plants with leaves in organic no-till bed at Tracy Garden in Kansas City, MO.

• Planting Sugar Snap Peas - Planting snap peas using cattle panel trellises in no-till beds in Kansas City March 2010

Inoculating and Planting Sugar Snap Peas

• Planting Cauliflower, Cabbage & Potatoes in No-Till Beds

Planting Gourds - Planting gourds on Gourd Room at Niles Home for Children. Repeated same site planting.

Planting Tomatoes - Planting tomatoes at Niles Home for Children in Kansas City. Shows our beds and how we planted tomatoes.

Sweet Potato Sprouting & Planting - Shows starting sweet potato sprouts indoors in February, development and planting in mid May at Niles Garden in Kansas City.

Planting Peppers - Planting peppers at Niles Home for Children garden.

• Planting Eggplants & Cucumbers

Planting Okra - Planting okra and sprouts two weeks later.

• Planting Watermelon & Corn

Planting Fall Cabbage Family Crops

Broccoli to Fall Bush Beans

• Planting Late Fall Spinach - Using a seeder with spinach seeds. Next video is this spinach in March.

Planting Spinach in January???

• Fall Spinach’s Spring Progress.

• Planting Garlic - Using a seeder with spinach seeds.

• Transplanting Strawberries in Fall - Shows thinning and transplanting overcrowded strawberries for better yields.

Planting Watermelon with Thai Basil & Mullein as Companion Plants


If you have fruit trees and the limbs are too close to the trunk they probably won’t bear well. See this video on spreading pear tree limbs.

Side Dressing Collards & Summer Squash - Shows fertilizing around plants.

Onion Success – Shows onions growing well in June. Also discusses garlic progress and clover cover crop between tomato plants.

Pruning Tomato Plants – Shows pruning tomato plants, taking off suckers and removing lower leaves to prevent blight. 6-24

Cutting Back Primocane Raspberry Plants


• Harlequin Bug Sucker – Shows removing harlequin bugs with a dust buster. Start watching for these pests when it starts to get warm and don’t relent on your diligence.

• Spider Mite Damage on Beans - Shows the condition of spider mite damage on green beans during a dry spell in Kansas City.

Praying Mantis Egg Case Discovery – Be careful when you clean up the garden. Praying mantis help keep insect garden pests under control.


• Harvesting Strawberries

• Chinese Noodle Bean Harvest - Shows harvest of red noodle or yard long beans.

• Picking Green Beans - Harvesting Green beans and discussion of spider mite damage.

• Digging Sweet Potatoes - Harvesting beauregard and N C Japanese sweet potatoes in October.

• Harvesting Garlic Scapes – Shows cutting and why & some sues.

• Harvesting Garlic - harvesting garlic and hanging it to dry.


Earthworm Java – Encouraging worm with coffee on beds.

• Making Simple Manure Tea for Blueberry Bushes - Using horse manure to make a “tea” mixture for watering newly planted blueberry bushes.

• Feeding Onions and Garlic with Alfalfa Tea - Mixing powdered Merry Mixer alfalfa with water, steeping and then applying to each plant. The plants are in no-till organic beds mulched with leaves.

Worm Bin Critique by Stan Slaughter - Stan Slaughter critiques my worm bins. It is helpful if you want to see how to do a worm bin for the castings. Talks about worm food, bedding and moisture.

Harvesting Worm Castings - Stan Slaughter demonstrates how to separate worms form the castings in a worm bin without harming the worms.

• Mulching with Leaves and Cardboard

• Composting Fall Leaves - How to compost fall leaves and other vegetative material. Shows inexpensive bin and how to turn compost.

• Adding Biochar while Winterizing Beds

Growing Mycorrhizal Fungi – Part One

Mycorrhizal/Bahia Grass Sprouting from Part One Planting

Growing Mycorrhizal Fungi – Part Two

Planting Onions in Mycorrhical Fungi Inoculant


Carver and Presence in Nature – A nature meditation inspired by George Washington Carver’s profound words about his experience of Presence in nature.

Spring in the Urban WildernessShots of spring in the Urban Wilderness over about a 10 day period. It is a yard in Kansas City in an older neighborhood. Its conversion/restoration stated in 1975 and has required dealing with codes, courts and neighbors. Now it is largely accepted and even loved. It teaches its lessons 24-7 to all who can hear.

Attempted Paw Paw PollinationTransferring pollen from one paw paw plant to another. For pollination to work two paw paw trees must be in close proximity to one another. Until another tree becomes old enough to have flowers I will transfer pollen with a feather.

13 Year Cicada Meditation – Shows a walk in the forest at Lake of the Ozark State park with the sound of cicadas.

Work Progress on our Understory Garden – Shows planting native shade plants.

Toad Tadpole Release

Lotus Moment - waterfall and pool at Niles Garden with lotus in bloom. -  2 1/2 minute meditation on something beautiful.


Parking Lot to Organic No Till Garden 1Restoration of .349 acres of parking lot into a garden. Shows grading donation to terrace the lot exposing gravel and clay base for our efforts to start. What cover crops to use? How to add organic material? All questions that must be answered. Watch our progress. Thanks to Architect Jim VanEman and to Fahey Construction in helping Niles Home for Children get started.

Parking Lot to Organic No Till Garden 2 - Filmed winter 2011 and shows slow progress in restoring a poorly used urban lot for use as a garden.

Parking Lot to Organic No Till Garden 3 – Filmed May 2011 and shows preparing the lot for planting a cover crop of mixed seeds, each uniquely contributing to soil restoration.

Don’t Use Western Red Cedar for Raised Beds – Shows beautiful sustainable raised beds and the problem with using cedar.

No Till Bed Over Bermuda Grass – Shows mulching with cardboard to kill or slow bermuda grass then building bed on top.


Poison is Blowin’ In the WindShows herbicide damage to grape and tomato leaves. Mary Roduner explains about herbicide blowing from far away.


Making Charcoal for Garden Beds- saving charcoal from a wood stove and preparing it for use on garden beds.

Making Charcoal Grinder, part 1 - Constructing a mill to grind charcoal. Plans found at, corn cob charcoal.

Making Charcoal Grinder, part 2 - Constructing a mill to grind charcoal.

Making Charcoal Grinder, An Analysis - Constructing a mill to grind charcoal.

Making Charcoal Grinder Success – A workable model.

• Adding Biochar and Winterizing Beds

Biochar Making Chamber – Shows the welding of a biochar making chamber.

Firing the Biochar Chamber in My Stove

Biochar Firing Fall 2011

The Biochar Solution – Albert Bates talking about biochar and his book of the same name.


• Building a Martin House


• Garden Workers Talk About Niles Garden - Four or our regular garden volunteers or interns speak of their experiences.


Everyone is welcome to visit Niles Garden and see what we’re up to. We demonstrate organic and no till gardening and introduce microorganisms and biochar into our beds. We do this to make our soils better but also to sequester carbon. If everyone who grows food would practice no-till methods and introduce biochar into their soils it would go a long way toward curbing global warming. No-till gardening is also easier than tilling.

There is a good planting calendar for the Kansas City area at Kansas 
City Community Gardens website.  While you’re there look around their site for workshops and other resources.