Heartland All Species Project – The Heartland All Species Project is responsible for the content of this website and is a not for profit environmental education, community building organization.

THE MISSION of www.Organotill.org will be to help gardeners and small farmers to learn organic no till growing methods and other methods that restore ecological balance and keep carbon in the soil,slowing global warming.

Natural No Till gardening is organic or chemical-free gardening. The soil is not tilled between harvest and planting save for some raking. The soil is either kept covered with mulch or compost, or it is planted in a cover crop to keep carbon fixed in the living soil.* No till gardening attempts to reestablish and sustain a healthy, well balanced soil ecology. When living soil is exposed to air and sun by tilling, the carbon in the soil’s organic material is metabolized by bacteria resulting in carbon dioxide which escapes into the atmosphere. Reduction of CO2 emissions is a natural consequence of organic no-till gardening.

Niles Home for Children – Where most of the gardening takes place, serves children from the ages of 6-17 with safe, intensive residential treatment for those who have been severely traumatized by abuse, neglect or abandonment. Niles’ large and inviting garden is one aspect of their health initiative. Youth, staff and volunteers work together to grow fruit and vegetables for Niles’ cafeteria. Excess amounts are sold at Niles’ Farmer’s Market, helping children learn entrepreneurial skills in business and customer relations. The goldfish pond and gazebo are great places to experience the therapeutic affects of nurturing living things.